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Sunday 22nd July 2012

The new imageperl script was updated and tweaked to near perfection. Various script modifications, new additions, new themes and more!

The new Imageperl script was somewhat lacking in terms of outlook and functionality. Although it has more features then the previous script, some of the features of previous script were not present in the current script. Thus, all the previous features were hand coded in this new script.

The changes includes:

  • New custom theme.
  • Changes to language file.
  • Changed login system so user can stay logged in for 30 days.
  • Added ability to upload image files from url.
  • Recoded imageperl upload plugins for firefox and opera
  • New desktop imageperl upload plugin (available upon requrest).
  • Added UserCP for email or password changing.
  • Added reCaptcha to signup and contact forms.
  • Added Pixlr intregration for easy online image editing.
  • Modified core system for better security.
  • Added 3D effect to images and thumbnails on site.
  • Added quick image delete option.